Oscar Winners
Desiree Lara

The glitz and glamour of winning and the mere pleasure of just being nominated radiated through the 79th annual Academy Awards on Sunday night, February 25th. Comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres hosted, while highlights of the show included the dance troupe known as Pilobolus, that created shadow images behind a giant, lit screen of some of this year’s and last year’s biggest blockbusters, including Oscar nominated Little Miss Sunshine, Happy Feet, The Departed, The Devil Wears Prada, and even Degeners-volunteered Snakes on a Plane. With Degeneres as host, the show promised not to deprive the night of any laughter, exemplified in Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and Chicago and Talladega Nights’ actor John C. Reilly’s song performance of ridding themselves of comedic movies in order to snag an Oscar, and a date with The Queen’s Helen Mirren. Other funny highlights included Leonardo Dicaprio and Al Gore presenting a “very special announcement” to America, before simultaneously being interrupted by the Oscar band, Degeneres hinting that Best Supporting Actress nominee Judi Dench was actually undergoing breast implant and eye surgery then her proposed knee surgery correction, Degeneres trying to bribe director Martin Scorsese into buying her screenplay rendition of Good Fellas and Big Mama’s House combined, entitled Good Mamas, and she budded elbows with Clint Eastwood, urging sitting neighbor Steven Spielberg to capture a digital photo of the two for Degeneres’ MySpace page.
The show proved to be one of the most international Oscars, with nominations and wins for nominees from Germany, Japan, Spain, and Mexico. These winners included Best Sound Editing for Clint Eastwood-directed Letters From Iwo Jima, Best Foreign Language Film The Lives of Others from Germany (beating out this year’s most celebrated foreign fantasy epic, Pan’s Labyrinth), Best Documentary Short Subject The Blood of Yingzhou District, and Mexico-bred Pan’s Labyrinth, which won multiple awards with Best Art Direction, Achievement in Make-up, and Best Cinematography. Some surprises of the night included former vice president Al Gore’s win for Outstanding Documentary Feature An Inconvenient Truth. The short showcased Gore’s advocating on the trials and tribulations of a catastrophic global warming heading our planet’s way, and how people can help on prevent it. Another unexpected, but far from undeserving, win was Little Miss Sunshine’s Alan Arkin’s snag of Best Supporting Actor, beating out the anticipated nomination of Eddie Murphy for Dreamgirls. Arkin accepted his award with sophistication and a prepared, heartfelt speech. Arkin also beat the likes of other successful performances of Jackie Earle Haley (Little Children), Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond), and Mark Walburg in his first ever Oscar nomination for The Departed.
The leader of Academy Award wins was none other than Martin Scorsese’s highly acclaimed The Departed, winning four Oscars that included Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing, and Best Picture. Scorsese himself won the award for Best Director for The Departed, accepting his golden statuette from the original “Three Amigos”: Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, and George Lucas. Other winners of the night included Forest Whitaker for Best Actor in a Leading Role for The Last King of Scotland, Helen Mirren for Best Actress in a Leading Role for The Queen, Best Original Screenplay for Little Miss Sunshine, Best Original Score for Babel, Best Animated Feature for Happy Feet, An Inconvenient Truth’s “I Need To Wake Up” by Melissa Etheridge for Best Song, and Jennifer Hudson for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Dreamgirls.

Run For The Pumpkin
Lisa Riley

The 11th Annual Fleming’s Pumpkin Run Classic Car and Tractor Show was held at Fleming’s Junkyard in English Creek on Saturday, November 4th. There were hundreds of classic cars, a vast assortment of vendors, and music provided by 103.3 WPRB’s Roots Rockabilly Roadhouse on air personalities ‘Hot Rod Scott’ and ‘The Professor’.
“Anybody who is into the old car scene comes out to Flemings,” said automotive artist Yale Bender. “It’s an unimaginable wonderland of old cars, Kustom Kulture, and everything cool.”
The first Pumpkin Run was held in 1995 and had only a handful of local participants. “Some buddies and I went to Carlisle (annual car show) and figured why can’t we do somethin’ like this?” said Fleming’s Junkyard owner, Harry Fleming. The event has since grown to include numerous vendors, a flea market, and has boasted up to 750 vehicles with people coming from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and even as far as North Carolina.
The Fleming’s site is a 100 plus acre Automotive Junk Yard that has been in operation since the 1930’s. In recent years the junkyard itself has been scaled down and around 80 acres have been converted into a showground. The grounds have been decorated with old gas station signs, tractors, miscellaneous machinery and countless old junked cars.
“My buddies and I are just a bunch of guys who love hanging ‘round the junkyard,” said a smiling Fleming. “We’re just tryin’ to save some of this old junk, even if it is rotten and nasty. There might be someone who will look at it and say ‘Hey! My grandpa had one of these!’”
Flemings opinion and zeal are echoed by many of the Pumpkin Run attendees. “It’s just an incredible show,”ù said a smiling Joe DiGenova and Tom Cangelosi, co-founders of the Leadfooters Car Club and affiliates of the Annual Mopar Car-B-Que. “Our crowd always has a blast. The 1000 plus cars, junk yard, tractors, steam engines, all the vendors, all the good people, allot of stuff you don’t see the rest of the year… it’s a must attend event!”
Fleming says that he plans to continue the tradition of the Pumpkin Run for as long as he is able. “We couldn’t do it without the people who volunteer,” said Fleming. “I really appreciate everyone’s help and I’m always open to hearing what people have to say, whether they loved it or they want to see somethin’ change. I just enjoy seein’ people happy.”
For more information on the Annual Pumpkin Run and other Fleming events, visit: http://www.OldEngine.com

Snow Falling on Cedars is The One Book

By Nate Jennings

The book that’s on the menu this year for Cumberland County College’s One Book One College is “Snow Falling on Cedars, a novel by David Guterson.” CCC will concentrate on themes and topics covered in the novel. Throughout the school year several events have been planned across campus including group discussions, demonstrations, and special projects. Several speakers will also be on campus to discuss the book. John Fuyuume, Director, Seabrook Education and Culture Center will be speaking on Oct.11.     

   “One Book One College at CCC is a fantastic tool for all the students,” said CCC English Professor Sharon Kewish. She also mentioned the fact that “even though we have been doing this for only three years, it’s still new to us at CCC.”

   “The One Book One College idea stems from various colleges across the country. We adopted the idea and nourished it until it became fully grown in our CCC reader’s minds eye. Our very own Dr. Isekenegbe Vice President of academic affairs was an administrator at a former college were this program was conceived,” said Kewish.

   They both hope that all CCC students get involved in this program. “Our student body loves this wonderful idea as if it was their own creation,” Kewish said.

   Kewish also stresses the fact that it is very important for our students to read every book that they find picnicking on the best sellers’ table.

   This award winning #1 bestseller is riveting, catastrophic, and densely atmospheric. It is certainly a “must read” all through the college grounds. Residents are also encouraged to read this incredible book and focus on these events.

   This thrilling novel has been depicted as persuasive, heart wrenching, and beautifully written. “It is a great read for all who love to enhance their minds. The staff at CCC encourages all of the students to embrace this flawlessly written book, hoping that they would install it in their home libraries.

   The slogan stands true to the ear that says, “Reading is fundamental.”          


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  • One Book One College

    By Jen Resnick Since 2004 there has been a One Book One College program here at CCC. The Students and staff are requested to read a book, which is chosen for that academic year. The book brings students, staff and even community members closer together by discussion. The CCC staff members are responsible for choosing the book. Professor Catherine Kewish chose this year’s one-book one-college novel. She chose Snow Falling On Cedars, by David Guterson. “The number one reason that this book was picked, [was] because it lent itself to so many different classes and different academic areas. It could easily be discussed, paper assignments, research papers and things like that and it also lent itself to multi-culturism diversity, which really are key words in the classes today,” stated professor Kewish. Snow Falling On Cedars had great reviews and is known as a “must read” novel. This gripping and impeccably written masterpiece is based on Japanese tradition. There will be a day of Japanese tradition held here at CCC in the Conference Center Banquet Room on Wednesday, March 21, 2007. Professor Kewish is very excited about this upcoming event. “This book gave us the opportunity to work with Japanese culture and we will have a whole afternoon of Japanese culture, tradition, Japanese dancers, maybe the Japanese drummers if they could get here, [and] things like Japanese calligraphy, origami, flower arranging, a Japanese tea ceremony. It’s going to be gorgeous!” said Kewish. This event is opened to the community. CCC has offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the author of this riveting novel. David Guterson, will be here on campus on Wednesday, April 4, 2007. Guterson will be at The Fine and Performing Arts Center in the theatre at 7pm. In the past the other “must read” books included, The Color Of Water and My Sister’s Keeper. You can find any of these books here at CCC’s library, CCC’s bookstore, and online.