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At approximately 1:00 pm today firefighters were called to CCC’s parking lot G for a car fire, according to CCC security. When Jerry Gonzalez a CCC campus security officer saw smoke rising from the Dodge Shadow’s hood he immediately called the firefighters.
Volunteer fire fighters from Station 2 in Vineland immediately showed up to drown out the flames from the oil-leaking car. Sheilia a CCC freshman gazed with grief as she watched her newly owned vehicle burn.

By Marie Tedesco


Desiree Lara
Staff Reporter

There has never really been much enthusiasm about the atmosphere of the Student Center’s personal TV Lounge, including both the look and initial feel of it.
Not too long ago, the lounge consisted only of a few one-seated chairs lined up along the wall, maybe a white trash can or two, and of course the television set hanging lonely high upon a wall. Not too many students paid much attention to the TV Lounge, much less the TV itself.
“This should be a place where students can hang out and study together,” said CCC student Kareem Thompson.
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Soccer Soars at CCC

By Christopher Wharton

It’s about having fun. The Cumberland County College Soccer Club has kicked off another season this fall under head coach John Lore. Lore is entering his 5th year as head coach of the soccer club at CCC and he’s here to have fun.
“It’s strange but it’s fun at the same time,” Lore said,
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  • One Book One College

    By Jen Resnick Since 2004 there has been a One Book One College program here at CCC. The Students and staff are requested to read a book, which is chosen for that academic year. The book brings students, staff and even community members closer together by discussion. The CCC staff members are responsible for choosing the book. Professor Catherine Kewish chose this year’s one-book one-college novel. She chose Snow Falling On Cedars, by David Guterson. “The number one reason that this book was picked, [was] because it lent itself to so many different classes and different academic areas. It could easily be discussed, paper assignments, research papers and things like that and it also lent itself to multi-culturism diversity, which really are key words in the classes today,” stated professor Kewish. Snow Falling On Cedars had great reviews and is known as a “must read” novel. This gripping and impeccably written masterpiece is based on Japanese tradition. There will be a day of Japanese tradition held here at CCC in the Conference Center Banquet Room on Wednesday, March 21, 2007. Professor Kewish is very excited about this upcoming event. “This book gave us the opportunity to work with Japanese culture and we will have a whole afternoon of Japanese culture, tradition, Japanese dancers, maybe the Japanese drummers if they could get here, [and] things like Japanese calligraphy, origami, flower arranging, a Japanese tea ceremony. It’s going to be gorgeous!” said Kewish. This event is opened to the community. CCC has offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the author of this riveting novel. David Guterson, will be here on campus on Wednesday, April 4, 2007. Guterson will be at The Fine and Performing Arts Center in the theatre at 7pm. In the past the other “must read” books included, The Color Of Water and My Sister’s Keeper. You can find any of these books here at CCC’s library, CCC’s bookstore, and online.